New Family Farm is a modest and diverse family farm located just a few miles west of Sebastopol, Ca. We are composed of Ryan, Felicja, baby Aniela, Adam, two draft horses, three, pigs, a small herd a goats, a small herd of sheep, a dog, a cat, and a lone chicken. We raise three or so acres of vegetables, with the help of our horses, family and friends.
While we are a farm that raises vegetables to sell at farmers markets, restaurants and stores, we also strive to provide many of our own needs We raise some of our own meat, grow our own dry beans, make ferments, bake bread, and store our vegetables so our bounty continues into the winter. We are committed to living simply, sanely and with joy in our hearts. We feel lucky to do what we do.
We enjoy guests and sharing this farm with others so feel free to contact us for a visit.
The New Family Farmers.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Its springtime here, supposedly, on this day the 16th of May. Its raining though, so we're inside tidying, dealing with logistics, and cooking. The season is now off and running, with a mind of its own. We've got quite a bit planted here, from our dry-farmed potatoes and tomatoes, to our first big sewings of beets and the greens are, well-rockin'. Misty and Quinna, our draft horses are doing wonderfully. With all the work, we got them into shape in no time at all. Soon the winter squash will get planted, and then we'll start with the weeding, thinning, and of course, the harvests. We're looking forward to a wonderful year here, and we hope you'll join us at some point or another along the way.
The New Family Farmers

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